Filtration Ecoclean CDS Unit. The Eco Clean CDS Unit has been developed as a low cost, effective and easy to maintain storm water filtration unit. The unit also contains a filtration system that bio-remediates soluble storm water contaminants. This filtration chamber provides primary macro and secondary biological water remediation.

  • Advanced dual-step external filtration, subjected to prompt maintenance
  • Top surface can be used for Parking lots, Gardens, Lawns and Sports fields etc.
  • Load bearing capacity of these panels is very high and can take up to 24 tones / m2 without requiring special load bearing designs
  • It’s completely safe! Completely underground and no easy access to storage space no risk, even for applications in schools
  • Material is made of 100% recycled Polypropylene. Can be recycled in the future as well. Eco-friendly, qualifies for Green Rating
  • Tank size could easily be extended or reduced or even relocated as per future use


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