“BlO WALL” it’s a kind of Green wall made from the shown product. Where we can create most beautiful Green wall using our choice of plants, herbs etc..

  • As Highlighted above one of the main feature of BIOWALL is its flexibility in the sense of giving it a shape.
  • It gives freedom of having green wall in the required shape like Round, Half Circle, Square, Angular and Curve in addition to normal horizontal and vertical, also can be made of any size with the help of detachable 3 pot units.

The innovative Biowall, strong frame made of polypropylene which can be easily fixed on a wall or structure. Besides providing support for each pot, the frame also has a snap-in and snap-out mechanism for pot installation that also allows for easy pot replacement when needed. 

Empty pots nested in to each other makes transportation and storage easy. With option of three different pot sizes, varying plants can be given soil anchorage in accordance to the plants’ requirements. Biowall stays lush in foliage and greenery with these easily replaceable pots. 

The system is ideal for seasonal flowering plants display and it can be easily replaced with other succulents and plant varieties with each passing season.

Its versatility allows the user to create circular towers or curved walls giving room to accommodate the creativity of the landscape designer or architect.



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