Retention ponds can provide both storm water attenuation and treatment. They are designed to support emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation along their shoreline. 

Runoff from each rain event is detained and treated in the pool. The retention time promotes pollutant removal through sedimentation and the opportunity for biological uptake mechanisms to reduce nutrient concentrations.

  • Can cater for all storms
  • Good removal capability of urban pollutants
  • Can be used where groundwater is vulnerable, if lined
  • Good community acceptability
  • High potential ecological, aesthetic and amenity benefits
  • May add value to local properties.
  • No reduction in runoff volume
  • Anaerobic conditions can occur without regular inflow
  • Land take may limit use in high density sites
  • May not be suitable for steep sites, due to requirement for high embankments
  • Colonisation by invasive species could increase maintenance
  • Perceived health & safety risks may result in fencing and isolation of the pond.


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